Hendrick’s Gin (70cl)

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Hendrick’s Gin is a delicious gin that is known worldwide and recognizable by its dark and robust bottle! An extremely tasty drink that is second to none! The gin is created in combination with many ingredients such as juniper, coriander and citrus peel. To make it unique, rose petals, cucumber, elderflower, angelica root, caraway and yarrow were added! All these botanicals give their own specific taste and aromas to the gin, making it wonderfully complex! A delightful freshness that is well accentuated by adding cucumber as a garnish to your Gin & Tonic. The gin contains 41,4% alcohol.

Hendrick’s gin won Gold in San Francisco in 2000 at the World Spirits Competition!

TIP: Preferably drink the gin with a refined tonic so that the taste of the gin is best enjoyed

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